• Analysis of the eyelid movement enables doctors to diagnose several types of neurological and ophthalmic diseases. The project's goal is to assemble a system that accurately collects information on the eyelid's movement for few minutes and in the end, move the measured data through Wi-Fi to a user's computer.
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  • Development of device that facilitates the monitoring of the upper eyelids motion, acquires the eyelid vertical movement and enables analysis and graphic presentation of the results. It should allow the patient to move freely in his/her natural environment. The primary purpose is to monitor eyelid movements and to compute the relevant eyelid movement parameters
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  • The project focused on the signal analysis section of the system: Studying the signal at each point throughout the system, and defining the expected signal for various blink patterns, on each output of the system’s 8 sensors.
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  • The Eyelid motion monitor project's vision is to create a device that will allow doctors to diagnose medication effects and neurological diseases by characterizing the eyelid movement of a patient.
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