Ultra-Low cost IOT System for Smart Home Applications

Full smart house system composed of IoT modules.
The system built using ESP8266 components and sensors and includes server environment for administrating and controlling those modules. The server environment contains MQTT communication server, mongoDB server for maintaining the Database and express.js to navigate between those servers.

Full smart house system using IoT modules built from a cheap Chinese component called ESP8266 and full server environment that uses the modules as an end-user products and manages the administrating, controlling , communication and computability of those modules.

The modules resembles IoT devices for smart house application like light control and humidity & temperature monitoring.

The servers controlling the registration process of a new user to the system, managing a data base of the users and their modules, adding a new module to the modules list of the user and creating a user interface allowing the user to manage the smart house systems he owns, control them and get useful information from them.

The servers include a communication server using MQTT protocol, data base server running MongoDB, and an express.js server that runs the user interface HTTP and responsible for the computability.