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    LED Displays are used to display images in bright daylight or for viewing from far away. Such a display consist of a number of matrixes of 3 color LEDs. Those basic matrixes are arranged together to form bigger displays.   Xilinx Zynq-7000 devices is a processor-centric platform that offers software, hardware and I/O programmability in a single chip. The Zynq-7000 family is based on the All Programmable SoC architecture. Zynq-7000...
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  • image2

    The project goal is to add Wi-Fi communications capabilities for Zed-Board.
    The communication will be performed by GUI on remote computer to read, write, and send information from or to the board.

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  • D06113

    The ZED-board has an RGB output port. This port must be driven from logic in the reconfigurable logic portion of the FPGA. Aims is, to create a frame-buffer in memory, to be filled with data by a program running on an ARM, read its content via AIX DMA (Direct Memory Access) and send it to the logic to be created in VHDL for display on a RGB display.

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