• The project suggests and designs a real time traffic control system to solve the traffic congestion problem and meet the desire of vehicle drivers. This system will be distributed on the road network and will continuously collect traffic information (using Bluetooth), analyze it, and provide real-time plans to traffic lights that ensure optimal travel time for all drivers.
  • The project goal is to add Wi-Fi communications capabilities for Zed-Board. The communication will be performed by GUI on remote computer to read, write, and send information from or to the board.
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  • The problem of relaying battlefield information is at the heart of all modern warfare, getting crucial, reliable data from one area to another, or from the battlefield back to the chain of command as fast as possible. To help mitigate the problem, we developed a small, lightweight, gun mountable sensor array with wireless capabilities and sufficient battery life to record and transmit vital information off the battlefield.
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  • The goal of this project is to develop a smart traffic lights system that could sense real time changes in volume and speed of traffic. Using BT and WiFi signals, the system extracts statistical information on the road. According to that, a policy of traffic light would be determined, in order to receive a wardrop (equilibrium).
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  • The project 'IOT for a Car' belongs to the IOT area. This project deals with developing an alert System, located in a car, which sends reports to the car owner in cases of emergency.
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  • Prototypes of 2 "smart collars" based on Arduino boards to for herds members. Each smart collar receives GPS and sensors data. The collars share data through WIFI. Real time data will be transferred to the mobile phone through cellular communication.
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