• Infra-red Communication is low cost technology for applications with properties of point-to-point, wireless, short range, low baud rate . the HW to implement this communication channel include a simple circuit with IR transmitter-receiver. the power consuming of is very low.
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  • The purpose of the project is implementation of the software for TV broadcasting volume control. The project is based on programming the microcontroller of PIC18 family which are carrying out control of TV broadcasting volume by measure of the current volume using microphone input and feedback control, carried out through infra-red port.
  • The PCD-Portable Measurement and Control Device. A small palm computer device containing a variety of sensors for environment control and evaluation in real time or for later computer analysis.
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  • The goal of the project "Computerized Auxiliary Equipment for Parkinson patients" is to create system for aiding Parkinson patients. The system is A portable device that is capable of detecting Parkinson tremors, alerting the user about them and keeping a detailed log in an internal memory. The device is run by A real-time software and communicates with a PC in multiple ways. The PC software can read the stored log...
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  • The Parkinson’s patient often suffers from involuntary seizures, that are unnoticeable to him, but tire his muscles and cause great pain. The appearance of the tremor is random. Muscles’ behaviour is very similar to that, as they were intensively used during some kind of hard work. Parkinson’s patient must have a periodic physiotherapeutic treatment, in order to relief the pain, caused by the cramped muscles. Patients can significantly improve quality...
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