• d04209

    This project tested frequency aspects of the ADF 4350 synthesizer using the EVAL-ADF4350 evaluation board: frequency stabilization, frequency toggling and linear frequency sweep.

  • d02109

    This project implements a high-speed digital communication channel switch. It is implemented on a Stratix II Gx SI development kit by Altera. It utilizes 4 ports and transfers 128-byte packets from port to port. It uses CRC error checking, and ALTGX physical channel.

  • small

    The aim of this project is to explore system-induced distortion mechanisms and analyze their effects on binary and CW signals integrity.
    Modern high-speed digital systems require data rates in excess of 1GHz
    These rates, and the resulting system bandwidths, pose severe design challenges aimed to minimize the system-induced distortions that affect negatively the binary signal integrity and the ability of the decoding sytem to recover the digital data correctly. The effect on the BER of the system is thus destructive.