• In many situations there is a need for detecting motion such as IOT smart homes and surveillance systems. A standalone system is developed which will be able to detect and alert if there is a motion in an observed area. If motion was detected, the image is been sent to a display processor using TCP-IP connection which controls a large led display with 128*256 pixels resolution
  • A sensitive area requires security footage coverage for the next 24 hours. This project’s main goals to design a device which allows the detection of movements taking place inside a covered area, a couple of meters ahead of the device, and notify the user of the above activity by sending captured images over Wi-Fi network.
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  • Recently, more and more devices are being connected to each other in a smart way, as known as “IoT”. Therefore, we brought out a system of a “Smart Lock” instead of the traditional Lock, as a part of the growth of IoT. This Lock can be used by anyone who has Android based devices , and with the app installed on it, so he/she can control the Lock by his...
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