• Recently, more and more devices are being connected to each other in a smart way, as known as “IoT”. Therefore, we brought out a system of a “Smart Lock” instead of the traditional Lock, as a part of the growth of IoT. This Lock can be used by anyone who has Android based devices , and with the app installed on it, so he/she can control the Lock by his...
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  • Solution based on IOT utilization to prevent sheep from steal or any distress situation. Every sheep would be equipped with a connected collar that will be able to inform the Shepherd on its situation. A sophisticated algorithm would be able to detect any dangerous case by using sensors, GPS and other data, and alert the shepherd by a SOS message.
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  • The project 'IOT for a Car' belongs to the IOT area. This project deals with developing an alert System, located in a car, which sends reports to the car owner in cases of emergency.
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  • Prototypes of 2 "smart collars" based on Arduino boards to for herds members. Each smart collar receives GPS and sensors data. The collars share data through WIFI. Real time data will be transferred to the mobile phone through cellular communication.
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