Self-Powered Environmental Monitoring System

This project is an EMS project (environment monitoring system). The main purpose of this project is to create a low power, self-sustaining, modular system that can collect data using different sensors and transmit it to a database accessible by the user. The project is multidisciplinary and requires understanding in system architecture, embedded systems, software development and analog circuits.

The motivations for taking on a project such as this are divided to two main points. For one, in today’s industrial world, air pollution is a big issue. Today we know the health problems induced by it and the damage to our echo-system and environment. However, not many products today supply a good solution for tracking pollutant levels and creating big data pools for analysis. Mostly, such stations are very expensive, high maintenance and some don’t have wireless communication capabilities, which makes data collection difficult and time consuming. Our system aims to face those difficulties.
Another main reason for taking on this project is the understanding that it is multidisciplinary. There is a lot to learn in the process about the different systems and mechanisms that are required to make this project work.