Resistive Random Access Memory Characterization Test Bench

Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) is an emerging technology based on the Memristor. It has made significant progress in the past decade as a competitive candidate for the next generation of non-volatile memory (NVM). But not only. Beyond the NVM applications, RRAM may also be used in Memristive Memory Computing applications. In this case RAM cells should go through a characterization procedure.

The project consist of learning Memristor technology and the process of characterization. Practice and control manual measurement techniques. Design and implementation of a Test apparatus including HW and SW:
– HW: a PCB , where RRAM chips can be mounted for test, Including a controller ( based on TBD ) running the main State machine in charge of Switch Matrix control and Test equipment interface (GPIB). The switch matrix will be based on CMOS technology.
– Controller SW (FW): it will interface with the APP SW through a standard COM Interface.
– APP SW: This the user interface to define the tests. It will be implemented in Matlab TBD.
Lab: High-Speed Digital Systems Laboratory, Moni Orbach,, 078874664, Fishbach Bldg., Fl. 3 Supervision: ASIC2 Lab, Eric Herbelin,, 078871505, TCE Fishbach Bldg., Fl. 4, Room 408-3