5Ghz Sampling Scope

Digital signal frequency constantly increases due to the market demand for faster and stronger digital instruments. Working in these frequencies required test equipment that samples the digital signal at a very high rate of Giga Herts. Fast testing equipment is very expensive and requires costly maintenance. The industry is desperate for testing equipment at a higher frequency that would be cheap and reliable.

Project goal

Switched capacitor Array is an innovative technology which allows sampling and saving an electronic signal at a high rate in a very cheap cost. PSI company produces a component that uses this technology to sample signals at a rate of 5Ghz, The component known as the DRS4.

The project aims to implement a 5Ghz rate real time oscilloscope in a price range of under 200$.

The students will acquire knowledge in board design and mix signal design


Project prerequisite: logic design

Supervisor: Mony Orbach email: mony@ee.technion.ac.il