Linux on SOPC

The goal of this project was to implement an interactive embedded system, based on MicroBlaze processor and Linux OS, interacting with user through a PS2 keyboard and using an LCD screen as an output.

Digital design using a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) device is a rapidly evolving Field, the increasing density and capacity of these devices make it possible to implement an Entire embedded system on a single chip.

This project implements an LFSR based Audio Encoding/Decoding system, on top of the Linux SOC (System-on-a-Chip) that was developed in project A.

We’ve focused on two different implementations of the system. The first one is a software based decryption, where the entire process is done by SW. The second implementation is a hardware based where the SW serves as a tunnel and passes the data to the HW to perform the decryption algorithm. Both of the systems used .au audio encoded file, and were implemented on the Xilinx XUP5 Board that contained Virtex5 FPGA with MicroBlaze soft core controller, and Analog Devices AC97 audio codec chip.

The project contains the following components:


Host PC– The host pc performs the encoding process of the audio file and send the encoded file to the board through Ethernet I/F.

Linux On MicroBlaze – A Soft core processor that runs Linux OS system developed in project A. The running application receives the incoming file, and proceeds depend on the implementation (SW decoding or pass to HW for decode).

FSL BUS– a Communication link between MicroBlaze and AC97 Control logic.

AC97 Chip – Receives the digital data , converts to Analog signal and plays the sound