IOT for car

The project 'IOT for a Car' belongs to the IOT area.
This project deals with developing an alert System, located in a car, which sends reports to the car owner in cases of emergency.

Car thefts, car break-ins, as well as ‘hit and run’ accidents, are very common these days.

This Project deals with developing a system which alerts the car owner when something occurs to his/her car.

The developed system is located in a car. The system detects a car break-in or a car crash and sends a notification via SMS to the car owner. The notification is followed by a GPS location and a sensors report. Bonus features are reports “by demand” and ‘Child reminder’ alert.

The solution includes computing a microprocessor and other chips and boards, which communicate with it via UART or .

The project belongs to the IOT (Internet of Things) area, which deals with communication between physical objects and transferring information capabilities.

The developing process focused on the cc3200 WIFI LaunchPad, by TI, and the Arduino Nano Board, by Arduino.