IOT for a Door

Recently, more and more devices are being connected to each other in a smart way, as known as “IoT”. Therefore, we brought out a system of a “Smart Lock” instead of the traditional Lock, as a part of the growth of IoT.
This Lock can be used by anyone who has Android based devices , and with the app installed on it, so he/she can control the Lock by his device.

Missing the keys, forgetting them, and the need to duplicate them, are problems that almost every one of us has encountered. So this project came to solve these problems, and even to give us the ability to control the door remotely from anywhere with internet access, and to grant a temporary access remotely to anyone we want who is next to the door.
The lock system itself has the following components: Nano Arduino (microcontroller), ESP8266 (Wi-Fi Module), relay, TFT LCD Screen, and the lock. On the other side there is the Android App. The Arduino and the App is connected to each other through the server with TCP/IP protocol.
When the user wants to open the lock, he simply presses the “open” button on the App, the App writes that to the server, then the Arduino reads it from the server, and send a signal to open the lock through the relay. The Arduino also writes every step he does on the screen so the user would know what’s happening in the lock system.