Herd Monitoring System

Herd Monitoring System is defined for tracking and control animal location in Real-Time in their natural or artificial environment. System allows up to 15 km range monitoring with significant energy consumption savings based on low power modules, algorithms and Solar Panel power supply.




System based on Unit-Base communication where each Unit has module for Receiving/Transmitting Information, GPS module for location, MCU for date processing and Harvesting Power Management IC for onboard Rechargeable Battery and Solar Panel. RF module works in ISM free for use band with 868[MHz] frequency, +14[dBm] maximum transmitting power and omni-directional antenna. GPS model allows location identification every 1 second with civil GPS acimage2curacy (~1[m]) and don’t need additional antenna. MCU is intermediary between GPS and RF module and allows data flowing between these modules through USART protocol and also provides work of energy savings algorithms. Harvesting Power Management IC is designed for smart power control of Rechargeable Battery and Solar Panel: when battery is low, IC use solar energy for charging. Without Solar Panel Unit system can work normally up to half a year without recharging. All IC’s and modules were chosen with significant low power consumption.