Fuel fraud detector

The fuel theft problem is one of the most difficult problems in managing fleets of vehicles. The theft itself can happen from the fuel transporter tanker itself and up to vehicles and trucks that uses the fuel.
In recent years, several systems were developed to detect incidents of fuel theft in privet cars and trucks. The problem in trucks is critical since fuel tank hold more than 400 liter of fuel.
One method for detecting theft is by monitoring the sensor signal that measures the amount of fuel in tank. This method is problematic since the sensor measures the fuel level in the tank, and not the volume of the fuel. Vibration of the vehicle, ups and downs, standing on a slope can create a lot of false alarms.

Project goal

Develop and implement an intelligent algorithm that will monitor and analyze the signal from the fuel level sensor. It automatically calibrates and can detects fuel theft, even very small ones.

The project will include the construction of a control box installed in the vehicle, writing embedded software, and server software that will connect to the boxes in vehicles.

Project prerequisite: digital systems, computer network (optional)

Supervisor: Boaz mizrachi email: BoazMizrachi@yahoo.com