Fast and low illumination light pulse detector using FPGA

In this project we developed and implemented testing environment for Detection of low intensity and short duration light pulses for SPAD chip (Ver. 2).

SPAD chip reacts to light pulse, count the amount of event (light pulse) that were detected.

The data (“Frame”) transmitted from the SPAD chip to the ZedBoard-FPGA (Zynq-7000)

for further processing.

Main application:

Live video- “Real Time live” video and recorded video from SPAD chip.

Detection- implement algorithm for Low level Detection (Filtering Algorithm) of low

intensity and short duration light pulses.

After been process by the FPAG the data is transferred to the ARM processor using AXI bus,

there a Fast communication line is establish between the Host and the Zedboard, base on

TCP/IP protocol.