Accurate data package transmission

Many analysis cases require precise timing packages in resolution of Milli-seconds. The aim of the project is to allow the server to send data packages that include exact transmission time of the package. The hardware on the FPGA will send the packages when the specified time arrives.

The use of cloud services has become very common in recent years. More and more applications are using cloud services for data storage, computing services, security and more.

To speed up the performance of cloud servers, the industry are starting to use hardware accelerators that accelerate services such as encryption, compression, routing services, etc. this functions were previously performed in software. The use of hardware allows to parallel algorithms efficiently and cost-effectively in time and capacity.

Utilization of programing hardware (FPGA) allows quick implementation of algorithms in hardware. In addition, different algorithms can be implemented on the same FPGA platform, at different times. The implantations are being replaced as necessary while working. This allows a very efficient utilization of hardware resources.

Mellanox is a company engaged in the development of intelligent switches and advanced communication equipment. One of Mellanox most advanced network adapters is The – Lx ConnectX – 4.

This card contains Mellanox network adapter (NIC – Network Interface Controller) at a rate of 40Gb Ethernet and KINTEX Ultrascale FPGA component from XILINX. The two Chips are among the most advanced of their kind in the world today. These features make the card perfect platform to realize cloud services using hardware accelerators implemented on FPGA.