12Ghz digital Data Generator using FPGA

The data transfer rate used by high speed data channels has increased significantly in the past few years.
The current PCIe Gen 3 is 8 Ghz and the next generation will be 16Ghz
One of the best tools for developing and testing of serial communications channels is a generator that can provide arbitrary serial data at high rate.

project’s Goals


Design and implement of the generator of serial data through the use of FPGAs.

Generator features:

The generator will work at frequencies from 8Ghz and up to 12Ghz.
The generator can send any digital information up to the size of 10Kbyte in loop.
The generator could be trigger by an external trigger.
To implement the generator we will use the high speed FPGA transceivers

Prerequisites: Digital Systems

Duration: one semester, with an option to expand

Supervisor: mony orbach, Tel: 04-8294664, email mony@ee.technion.ac.il