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  • Year - 2009
  • D1218

    Detecting a cellular device location in a given room by its signal, using a phased-array antenna. Our individual goal in this project was to check whether the system's behavior is close enough to theory - if not, then to do an adjustments and to solve other problems in the system, like reflections.

  • D1318

    In High speed digital circuits, if Driver impedance is less than the tracer impedance of connected to Receiver, then overshoot and under shoot will occur and as a result signal will be ringing. Up to what level the signal overshoot and under shoot can be bearable. if over shoot signal will be with in the noise margin of the receiver level then what will be effect on the receiver signal due to overshoot.

  • D1418

    The subject of this project is to design and implement a combined software/hardware environment in which multiple algorithm computation units can be linked together across multiple FPGAs according to a certain multi-stage data flow. The multi-stage algorithm computation flow demonstrated by this project is the "Regularized Particle Filter using GPS/INS" algorithm . Particle filters are sequential Monte Carlo methods used to estimate various unknowns of a time-varying signal presented in real time. The RPF algorithm combines GPS/INS inputs intended for navigation systems.

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