• avi

    High speed digital systems require data transfer rates equal to or higher than 1GHz.
    These rates, and the resulting system bandwidths, pose severe design challenges aimed to minimize the system-induced distortions that affect the binary signal integrity and, consequently, the ability of the decoding sytem to recover correctly the digital data.
    These distortions can originate from both stochastic processes, such as AWGN and phase jitter, or from deterministic, such as signal-shaping effects, multi-path reflections, CW leakage effects etc.
    The aim of this project is to study the various system-induced distortion mechanisms and to upgrade an existing, Matlab-based application (developed recently by a group of students in the HSDSL lab) and to allow its integration into a new HSDSL project aimed to train EE students in the areas DSP techniques and jitter effects in binary waveforms.

  • car-pre

    Air pressure in wheels of the vehicles is very important for vehicle safety, fuel efficiency and wear and tear of tires. Today there are systems that identify the tire pressure, but they are expensive and do not provide accurate information on the air pressure, but only if it's safe or not to drive the vehicle.

  • car1


    Modern cars have accelerometers and gyroscopes sensors. These are necessary to detect direction of motion and three-axis accelerometer. On board system has to know the absolute motion in relation to earth. The relative orientation of these sensors from the direction of movement is unknown. The sensor orientation may also change over time.

  • ConnectX4
    IEEE 1588 describes the Precision Time Protocol PTP. This protocol is used to synchronize clocks in a network between server and client. The protocol is based on IP Multicast communication. The algorithm choose master clock to which all clocks in the network are synchronized.  The timestamp are in the 1 Jan 1970 format. And accuracy of the synchronized clocks lay within 100 ns. Project goals   Implement the IEEE 1588...
  • ConnectX4

    In order to reduce the amount of information sent over the network and the total network traffic, it is necessary to compress the information being sent. This compression capability is particularly important in application's that transmits live video in real time over the network.
    The aim of the project will compress data in real-time using hardware, thus reducing the bandwidth required to transmit the information.

  • conntecx 4

    Many analysis cases require precise timing packages in resolution of Milli-seconds. The aim of the project is to allow the server to send data packages that include exact transmission time of the package. The hardware on the FPGA will send the packages when the specified time arrives.

  • ConnectX4

    Data Security is an issue made more and more important in the past few years. The aim of the project is the implementation of hardware algorithm that will be able to encrypt \ decrypt network data packets in real time. The encryption key will be associated to the MAC address of the packet. The encryption / decryption process will be made on Mellanox card. In This way encryption and decryption will not be depend on the recipient computer or the transmitting computer, adding more security (using the bump in the wire method). More over the hardware accelerators will do the encryption \ decryption faster and more efficient then software.