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    The IoT ("Internet of Things") is a big trend in the industry nowadays, and one of the most commonly used products in IoT networks is a remote-controlled web camera. The purpose of this project was to build such a system, using two Zedboards (SoPC), a joystick, a screen, a motor controller and a stepper motor.

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  • led
    LED Displays are used to display images in bright daylight or for viewing from far away. Such a display consist of a number of matrixes of 3 color LEDs. Those basic matrixes are arranged together to form bigger displays.   Xilinx Zynq-7000 devices is a processor-centric platform that offers software, hardware and I/O programmability in a single chip. The Zynq-7000 family is based on the All Programmable SoC architecture. Zynq-7000...
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  • DPA

    Background: Side Channel Analysis is a group of attacks that utilize side effects of implementations of cryptographic hardware to gain access to secrets. One of such attacks is a Differential Power Analysis (DPA). DPA is an extremely powerful technique that uses power consumption as a source of leakage. For this, many power traces of execution of cryptographic algorithm are collected and processed. Machine learning techniques are then used to correlate between the power traces and the secret keys. It was first published in 1996, and since then hundreds of works have been published on successful DPA attacks of different types and on protection methods.

  • Climate1a
    בבניינים מרובי קומות (כגון הפקולטה שלנו) קימת בעיה קשה של חוסר מידע עדכני של הטמפרטורה והלחות בחדרי הבניין. רוב הבניין ממוזג על ידי מזגן מרכזי, במקרה של תקלה בחדר מסוים בו איש לא נמצא ביום יום (כגון חדרי שרתים) התקלה תתגלה רק אחרי מספר ימים, ולעתים אף חודשים. מטרת הפרויקט נדרש לפתח חישן   מחובר לרשת האינטרנט,  אשר ניתן יהיה להתקינו מקומית בקלות. החישן יהיה מסוגל למדוד טמפרטורה ולחות ולהעביר...
  • rpb-healtec
    ניתור מצבו של הכביש בדרכים בין עירוניות הינו קריטי למניעת תאונות ופקקי תנועה. לרוב ניתן לגלות סדקים או בורות תת קרקעיים לפני שהם הופכים לבעיה. אחת השיטות לניתור היא באמצעות הרעש שהכביש יוצר כאשר כלי רכב נעים עליו. כביש המכיל סדק יוצר רעש שונה מכביש בריא ללא סדקים. מטרת הפרויקט מימוש חישן חכם קטן וזול מאוד, אשר יהיה מסוגל לקלוט את הרעש שהכביש מיצר באמצעות מקרופון. מידע זה יועבר באלחוט...
  • eric_project

    Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) is an emerging technology based on the Memristor. It has made significant progress in the past decade as a competitive candidate for the next generation of non-volatile memory (NVM). But not only. Beyond the NVM applications, RRAM may also be used in Memristive Memory Computing applications. In this case RAM cells should go through a characterization procedure.

  • small_pic

    This project aim was to create an infrastructure who enable the end user to create and use hardware accelerators library using INtime for Windows RTOS and NetFPGA-SUME.
    Hardware accelerators are created with Xilinx Partial Reconfiguration technology that gives us the ability the ability to swap accelerators at real-time without affecting other operational part of the system.

  • 3dprinter

    In recent years, three-dimensional printers have developed from mere curiosities to Daily working tool to graphic artist, product engineers, mechanical engineers, and more. However, three-dimensional printer device remains very expensive, difficult to maintain and operate, and requires expensive spare parts.

  • D10112


    Vast majority of the modern digital VLSI devices utilize a technique called 'full scan' for production testing. This technique chains all the device registers (flip-flops or latches) in a few shift registers called 'scan chains'. In this configuration, a production tester may use the scan chains to drive logic values to the inputs of combinatoric circuits, sample the results from their outputs, output the results via the same scan chains and check them with the expected results. This method allows testing every chip for correct behavior, and make sure no defects were inserted during chip production. The full scan technique is an effective technique that allows reaching high test coverage in a short development time. However, in applications where security (e.g. data confidentiality, IP protection, etc) is a concern, it can introduce a serious threat.

  • res_mem

    Background: Resistive memory is a new technology based on a passive circuit element called Memristor, which changes its resistance value based on the current flowing through it. Memristors are nanoscale elements that can be easily integrated in a typical VLSI manufacturing process. Therefore, they present high potential as a super-sized embedded memory in various applications. One of them is security. Most of the semiconductor devices that deal with security need an embedded memory. Resistive RAM can be a good match for this purpose. But is it really secure? Various side channel attacks such as power analysis (SPA/DPA) are known today as an efficient attack that can reveal secrets from secure devices. The goal of this project is to check whether power analysis can reveal information about data read or written into resistive RAM.

  • fuel_f

    The fuel theft problem is one of the most difficult problems in managing fleets of vehicles. The theft itself can happen from the fuel transporter tanker itself and up to vehicles and trucks that uses the fuel.
    In recent years, several systems were developed to detect incidents of fuel theft in privet cars and trucks. The problem in trucks is critical since fuel tank hold more than 400 liter of fuel.
    One method for detecting theft is by monitoring the sensor signal that measures the amount of fuel in tank. This method is problematic since the sensor measures the fuel level in the tank, and not the volume of the fuel. Vibration of the vehicle, ups and downs, standing on a slope can create a lot of false alarms.